Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crazy bitch alert (see below)

to delete or not to delete? i don't think anyone reads this blog but me. so, my inclination is to leave it up. but, then i start doing the "what if" bit. what if i die and my mom stumbles across this blog. what if i die and my son stumbles across this bit in 50 years? well, what if i'm a damn human. and sometimes the thoughts i have in my head aren't exactly politically correct? what if i'm honest and in touch and give myself validation that like isn't always hunky doory. what if can go suck itself! and by the way, when did we start cussing and being raunchy on this here blog? about hte same time, i stopped giving a shit about the what ifs, is when. and i call myself a mother??? yes, and a damn good momma if i do say so.

rant over. the hippiewildmama will resume her regular scheduled brain scanning!

Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm a fixin' to tell you

what the fuck goes on in my head on days like today.

first off. i hate mondays. but, today i decided i was going to like mondays. that didn't last long. fuck you mondays. fuck you internet bully bitches. like the stupid sunflower from thenest. you get me pissed every time. i spend way too much time on the internet. and not nearly enough time working. i'm burnt out doing what i do. and i'm fucked. because, there are no jobs i'm interested in. my (someone related to me) annoys the shit out of me. not to mention my beep, my beep and everyone else. i am so fucking negative today, that it is annoying me. i'm pissed at william topley. because i love him so much, i wanted to meet him and i couldn't. so now, i'm boycotting him. very mature. very very very. my beep bugs the piss out of me too. because she is racist and beep. and now i have to deal with it. i still hold a grudge against my step grandparents because they were so mean to me. i hate working out. i hate eating healthy. i feel like a bad mom. i feel like a bad wife. i am mad at GOD. did i mention that i hate my job?...and i hate criminals...and i hate having to listen to everyone else's god dammed problems all day every day?...and back to my beep...he bugs the shit out of me.....and these damn inmates are lining up out there to meet with me and i don't want to even fucking see them....they suck.....i hate that i worry so much about rw's name and i hope that i didn't fuck him up in any way, shape or form......can't we all just get along???...i hate when dogs jump on me and their humans don't say shit....and i hate that my husband always leaves me a dirty and gross, me