Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's frrrrrrrrrrrriday!!!!

Girls Weekend!! Holla!! This weekend I will be heading down to Canon City, Colorado with some lovely relatives!!! Or, as I love referring to them as, "MY FAVORITE OUTLAWS". There is my mother in law, sister in law, my niece, my gwammie in law and my newly engaged sister-in-law to be, which is already DRRRRRRAMA!!!! and my cute little gil!!! There will be antiquing, running, wineries, buffalo burgers, cards, movies, laughing, more than likely crying. Fun times. I am truly blessed with a wonderful set of loving inlaws.

Renegade Family Photo-

These pictures were taken near Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. On a freezing balls cold day in December. Just in time for our Christmas Cards. Back to Red Rocks. It is a magical place. You should add it to your bucket list. You must MUST must see a concert at this natural amphitheater. I've seen so many acts here. Willie Nelson, MOBY, Stevie Nicks, Big Head Todd, Tool, Widespread Panic and a few more. It's awesome! On my bucket list??? Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Maybe the Los Angeles Philharmonic? Or Metallica with the Symphony?? Dream big.

What is on your musical bucket list??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my annual post!!

Seriously? Last September was my last post Jeesh. I don't get out much! Well, it's summer here in the Mile Hi City. It's actually probably summer in most of North America. But, this summer has been remarkably superb! I'm not a gambler, but if I were, I'd dare to say that any summer that kicks off with my friends: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, is going to be a GREAT summer!!!! Speaking of SATC, (if you don't know. you really should. and you should ask someone. and we probably would not be friends!!) Anyway, SATC. I'm not sure when they started serving alcohol in the movie theaters? And, I'm not sure, it was a great idea?? Regardless, here is a pic of me and my best girlfriend in the bar of the theater. Yes, that's right. It's ridiculous!!!

We've gone camping three times. And by camping. I mean, within 3 square miles of the nearest coffee shop,in an RV, with showers and a swimming pool And, lest you judge, this is all the husbands idea. He will NOT tent camp. He's totally over it. And I'm totally into HIM, so I oblige. This is my favorite picture of my whole entire life:

Sorry sweets. And by sweets, I mean me. Because I have yet to market this piece of me. No idea. Right now my marketing plan simple: If I build it, they will come.