Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cleaning Machine

I have the day off (Thank you Veterans!) and I need to clean my house!! In a major way. So, I emailed my sister because she can motivate me. Check this out:

Me: i have tomorrow off. and i need to deep clean the house. i need a gameplan.

: Well, you know you have to put in Dirty Dancing for background.
Crack open some windows for fresh air...and to blow the cobwebs out.
Light a good candle...maybe even go buy a new candle.
Start with bringing all dirty laundry downstairs, sort it, start a load.
Then go to the kitchen - clean out all the cruddy old food in the fridge, then
wipe it and the stove down.

Clean the rest of the kitchen and start the dishwasher.
Dust and vacuum.
Then, tackle the bathrooms.
End of day - success will look like this - a clean, refreshing house.

Me: how long do you estimate this will take me? total cleaning???

Sister:I would plan on an all day event...especially if you are going to do major deep cleaning. Do take one break in the morning before you start for a motivating foo-foo drink, one break for a healthy lunch.

You should make a to-do list that you can cross things off throughout the day. That always keeps me motivated and focused.

I love days like this. Love.

End of conversation.

Clean fridge. Thank God for clean fridges. Who knew??

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Like mother. Like son.

The little man and I had date night on Friday. He had options. Swimming? Bowling? Golfing? Movie? What did he choose? TARGET!!! With a $20 spending limit (approximately $19 more than usual), we were having FUN! In the toy aisle for atleast 30 minutes straight:

Intense. Focused. Driven.

Thourough. Concentrated. Realistic.

In the end, we left with his one millionth new Star Wars Figurine and a miniature skateboard. Success.