Monday, January 31, 2011

Day by day. Hour by hour.

I finally got my camera to work.  And decided to take a picture every hour on the 1/2 hour.  All day long.  I'm so super cool like that. 

7:30 a.m:
I outdid myself this morning. I made a bowl of Blueberry Mini Wheats. He exclaimed "YES!!!" as I plopped the bowl down in front of him.

8:30 a.m:
Lunch? check. Backpack? check. Sleeping buddy? check. Nap blankie? check. hat/gloves/coat? check. smile? check.

9:30 a.m:
It's a long story on why I'm making meatballs at this hour. The short of it is this: I'm a workin' momma with not so normal hours. I make my two fellas dinner and have it waiting for them when they get home. I've been told that this is a really cool thing to do. I do it because I love them. I also do it because I do not want my baby eating doritos and dip for dinner every night.

10:30 a.m:
My guilty pleasue. My favorite girl is Elisabeth. They had Camille Grammar on the show today. I die.

11:30 a.m:
My commute. An exceptionally gray/snowy/frigid day in the Denver Metro Area. I was having difficulty finding a good radio station. Then I went to AM. That's how desperate I was.

12:30 p.m:
My work phone. My nemesis. Monday morning. I started with 17 new messages. Craziness. I work with men that have recently been released from prison.

13:30 hours
We roll in military time at the office. It's a habit. This is my BFF at work. Lots of times my BFF everywhere. Meet Leigh. She is pretty awesome. And she keeps secrets. Really really well.

14:30 hours:
Holy God. Quite possibly the worlds worst photo of me. In my own little office in my own little world. Living the dream.

1530 hours:
It's snowing out my office window. I do appreciate the natural light in this office. I would not do well without.

1630 hours:
The problem with this whole thing is that 140% of what I do is confidential. As much as I would LOVE to share pictures of my 'client's, I am unethically unable to do that. Hmm. Next time, I oughta do this on the weekend. Until then, here is me at work, holding up the wall.

1730 hours.
Breaktime. I'm catching up on emails/facebook/local news and my favorite blogs!!!!

1830 hours.
After meeting with 13 clients. Finding out school is cancelled tomorrow. Almost quitting time. Calgon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!