Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1st Annual Women and Children Camping Trip

Rain? Check

Smores? Check, err, double check.

Campfire? Check.

Tent? Check.

Outhouses? Check.

Camp Craft? Check.

Beautiful view? Check.

Hiking? Check.

Guitars? Check.

Flashlights? GlowSticks? Laughter? Tears? Check Check Check Check.

In love and campfire!

Friday, September 23, 2011

2,922 days of marriage

I got married before digital photography was available. Isn't that awesome? So, no wedding pictures. Just picture me in a white dress. Him in a tux. Got it? Good.

I tend to operate in increments of 11. Therefore, today I will be sharing with you 11 thoughts on staying married.

#1: ONE NIGHT OUT WITH THE GUYS PER WEEK = MANDATORY! My man NEEDS this. It works for us. It's awesome. We both win.

#2: IT'S OKAY TO GO TO BED MAD. Oh, #2, where were you in my 20's?? Just try it sometime, it's amazing.

#3: WORK HARD TO BE SOMEONE, HE WANTS TO COME HOME TO. Try not to nag as much, try not to be bitchy or bothered. Just try. Not eliminate, just reduce. I'm not a saint, you know.

#4: BE A FREAK IN THE SHEETS AND A LADY ON THE STREETS. My guy needs intimacy just as much as I do. I know he appreciates when I take time feel and look my best.

#5: LOVE HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Really love them. Be accepting.

#6: BE COMMITTED. FOR BETTER FOR WORSE. I know that we are a together forever type of team. I feel loved and needed and cherished. I hope he feels needed and loved and appreciated. Fight sometimes, it makes life interesting. Love sometimes, it makes life worth it.

#7: BE THANKFUL. I don't believe I've filled my car with gas more than 10 times in the last 2,922 days. I call it the gas fairy, but it's really my husband that does it. Yes, without asking.

#8: MAKE HIS FAVORITE MEAL. You've heard 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'? I don't know if it's true or not, but I want his heart and I'm willing to make the meal.

#9: TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT. My sweet hubby is not a mind reader. If I want flowers, I say "Will you buy me flowers this week?" (or better yet, just buy them for myself) If I want more romance, I say "Let's get a babysitter and go on a date". If I want him to hug me more, kiss me more, hold my hand more. I say 'hug me more' 'kiss me more' 'hold me more'. It works.

#10: I shit you not. The best part of being married, is having a warm body to shove my frozen toes under in the middle of the night. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that I have a warm man, who doesn't mind my frozen digits. Is that weird?

#11: Compromise is king.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My favorite musical artist: William Topley

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to see William Topley and the Black River Band at the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO:

Now, I don't know, if it is my love for his music. Or maybe because I love to drink bourbon and beer and listen to his music. But I sure had a good time!

Craziness insued. It's a damn glorious wonder, that we didn't get arrested. Or ticketed. My momma would NOT be proud :)

This girl is FUN with a capital F. Fun Fact about this Fun Girl: William Topley is the main reason we became friends. Thank you William!

Your BIGGEST fan,


Monday, September 12, 2011

Party at the Paint Place

One of my favorite things to do is create. I'm not great at anything, but I'm good at it. I love to paint, I love to sew, I love to drink wine. Which is why, when gifted a GC to 'Sipping and Painting', I was jazzed.

I got to go with MIL and SIL as a birthday gift from MIL to SIL and me. Did you get all that? The studio was super cute, in a fun and trendy, 1/2 urban, 1/2 hood area.

We chose 'Almond Branches', although mine feels more like Cherry Blossom. But, whatev.

Do you paint? Draw? Color? Clean? Sleep?


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Recap

Started with an early morning run around this beautiful lake. I am up to running 2 miles, 3 times per week. I don't hate it. And I listened to Lady GaGa "you and i" for 20 minutes straight. Resulting in the most awesome run ever.

Then home to make my morning smoothie. I drink one every day. I like to get three servings of fruit in right quick like. This one had: 1c. of whole milk, 1 c. frozen cherries, 1 banana:

Met some friends on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. Played in the water features, had snacks, went to happy hour at The Boulder Cafe. I have no pictures, but enjoyed a wheat beer and a hummus plate.

We were entertained by street performers. Some of us, more than others.

I think, if you don't enjoy a Monday off, then you got yourself some real BIG problems. Ya know?

Labor and Love,

Friday, September 2, 2011

The best thing about having girlfriends?

They bring you flowers at work.

When you really need them. Thanks BFF.