Friday, October 31, 2008

The history of me oh my...

20 years ago...October 1988
1. just met my best friend becky. we are still buddies.
2. my mom just divorced tom, we were living on our own
3. i was making out with Chris Hennesey and my mom caught us
4. i smoked my first cigarette (thanks becky)
5. i went to church and was active in the youth group

10 years ago....October 1998
1. i was working at ACTC
2. i was partying with jill every weekend
3. i was 23, that explains a lot
4. i lived in an apartment with jill
5. i was dating a gigantic asshole of a man (both in size and personality)

5 years ago...October 2003
1. we were just returning from our honeymoon
2. susan was not a convicted felon
3. dad was undergoing treatment for cancer
4. i had the same job
5. we had fun hanging out with jeanne marie and eldon

3 years ago...October 2005
1. i had a six month old baby boy
2. i took pictures of him in his Halloween costume (tiger) and he fell asleep
3. my yard looked like shit
4. we lived in the first home we owned
5. still at the same job

1 year ago...October 2007
1. river was a chicken for Halloween and the "i don't like it, it's too hairy"
line became infamous
2. i planted daffodils for the first time
3. running became fun and something i was passionate about
4. i didn't eat ANY Halloween candy the whole year
5. leigh and i went to ty/kylee's wedding

So far this year....2008
1. Aunt Mary dx with cancer, underwent tx and is doing well.
2. Donna Nelson dx with cancer, undergoing treatment
3. Justin and i went to Lake Tahoe for a wedding.
4. I busted my head racing Justin in Okoboji.
5. Went to the spa in Arizona with the Mahlendorf girls.

Today....October 31, 2008
1. I had Great Harvest Bread toast with strawberry jam for breakfast.
2. RW got up in the middle of the night and changed his pajamas.
3. RW wanted to go to Beverly's house in his jammies. I said okay.
4. RW is going to be a policeman for trick or treat night.
5. our marriage is stronger than ever, i am so in love with my man.

This year.....2008-2009
1. i want to accomplish my list of goals
2. i want to eat at Steubens
3. i will change my lifestyle, become a healthier eater/exercizer
4. i will plant more daffodils
5. we will have taken BIG steps towards our financial future.

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