Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm not so sane. Just FYI

From left to right: a crocheted R2D2 kleenex holder, a new pen holder and pens, ipod and OLD family picture, a teeny tiny jet fighter, a pad of paper and a lamp. My baby's night stand. Just like momma. Wants to be prepared to write.

My little homie is the ring bearer in a wedding tommorow. He is so proud. He should be.

I made all this shit with my BFF last weekend and it was glorious.

I'm so sorry. I'm trying not to. But. I feel a cussing storm about to unleash. We made these dresses too. It was raining out, we couldn't do shit, but sew.

POOR FUCKING ME. That's all I have to say!!

P.S: I promise a sweet and happy next post. Because we will overcome this little piece of shit "SPOT". We've got planes to fly, Ironman costumes to design, and songs to dance to. FML!! FTW!!!!

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