Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Okoboji Vacation 2008

Amazing, glorious, unadulterated fun. Just a few words to describe our joyous vacation to Lake Okoboji. Or as I prefer to think of it: my lake. my lake that i let others use. Seriously, I have a connection to this lake. It brings out my inner child and makes my spirit warm and fuzzy. This is the first time that RW has been to Okoboji and seeing him see it for the first time was beautiful. Here is a picture of us:

A typical day in Okoboji: sleep in until 10....have a wonderful breakfast (gourmet french toast, biscuits/gravy, green chile smothered breakfast burritos)...go for a spin around the lake in the Whaler (a boat) with my coffee...then back for a nap....then a light lunch...then a nap...then a cocktail...then a swim....then dinner/drinks....a sunset cruise.....Here's RW modeling the fine art of napping:

I read a lot....I finished The Kite Runner (a scathing review regarding the sick and twisted excuse of an author to follow in a future blog)...i started Eat, Pray, Love...all the while enjoying this view from my perch on the deck!

Reconnecting with my handsome first husband (just a joke between us!)....and sharing my lake with him for the 3rd time.....we had a great time....nachos and beer at Braccos (overpriced and undergood)....nachos and beer at the Barefoot (nice view of what appeared to be the Swedish Bikini Team)....Ribs/Chicken dinner at the Gingham Inn, a little off the beaten path, but totally worth it.....riding the roller coaster at Arnolds Park.....swimming in Emerson Bay, swimming at Gull Point....fishing at Gull Point....catching more fish that Justin (hey, it'll probably only happen once, right, so i HAVE to brag!).....catfish fishing off the dock...sleeping in and lots of snuggling!

and let us not forget the most memorable experience of the week....the 3rd and FINAL running of the Ragan Foot Race...which resulted in me hitting the pavement...LITERALLY!!

All in all, Miss Okoboji and her magical waters have once again rejuvenated my heart and soul! I love you Okoboji!

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