Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop right there!

I'm warning you. There is a lot of cussing in this blog. Which is weird really, because in real life, i'm not much of a cusser. Okay, that might be a lie. But, I definitely know when to cuss and when not to cuss. On my blog = okay. Around my 4 year old= not okay.

I did a whole bunch of checking and unchecking on my blog today. And then I posted a comment that was not anonymous on another blog. And now I'm paranoid that others are going to read this blog. And then I decided oh well, no one I really know in real life will read this blog. Then I went and edited the post where I bitched and moaned about everyone i know and everything i do. Just in case.

1 comment:

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

I'm totally fine with a curse word now and then - shit happens right? ;)

Thanks for the comment on my blog, xoxo - Sarah