Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glad I'm not a follower!!

Gah. If I were following my blog. Which none of you are. Anyway, if I were following my blog,I would be pissed off. No new posts in 4 months??? Are you, am I crazy. Boring. But I'm here. I'm queer. Get used to me. No, I'm not queer. But I like to rhyme. Time. You dig??

Because, a blog ain't a good one without the eye candy....

Anyway, on to more important things....oops, more candy.


i'm done.

P.S: OMG, i'm famous!!! I've had my first comment on a previous post!!! Thank you!

1 comment:

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

You're welcome! I have wondered where you went... but didn't want to get all "stalker-ish" with the "where are you's" - ya know?

Anyways - glad your back mamacita!