Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I SWEAT in gym class.

That is my new mantra. It's true. There's a story behind it. When I was in high school, my mom returned from parent/teacher conferences. My gym teacher told her that "Jeni does well in class, but, she's not one to sweat in class". At the time I was thinking, duh!!, why sweat in gym class, ruins the day!!

Fast forward to my enlightenment about 2 weeks ago....I want to sweat in gym class...i want to put effort into what I am doing...whether it is my career, my relationship, my mothering, my RUNNING, etc...so, there you have it...

and NOW, is time for some goals:

1. run 3 times a week (larry's loop, sarah's loop, long loop)
2. sign up to run a 5k in November...turkey trot?
3. start training for the Lincoln Half Marathon at the New Year
4. Holy bejeezus. Run/Finish the Lincoln Half.
5. Run my race, for me, by me. Don't worry about other people. Oh yes, and sweat!

1. check weekly denver post for jobs.
2. check weekly judicial postings.
3. keep my appearance up, SS!!!, better feeling=more marketable, sucks but true
4. stay on top of my current workload.
5. apply to atleast one job per month...

1. be someone that he looks forward to coming home too
2. smile big whenever he walks in the room
3. once a week, ebb with his flo, whatever it may be....burgers at Jays? sure!!
4. once a month....make his lunch (he really digs this crap)
5. look and feel my best...:)

1. read to him once a day (in addition to bedtime books)
2. spend time looking at his fish with him, once a day
3. once a week, take him on an outdoor adventure
4. smile big whenever he walks in the room
5. never let go of his hugs first!

and that my friends, is all for now!!

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