Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mo' running!

Okay, so a few months ago, I visited my very best bestie, Mandy, in Baton Rouge....ugggg!! no pics on this computer..anyway....we went for a 4 mile run and ended with a snowcone in the parking lot....they do that in Louisiana...they sell snowcones in the parking lot of running/walking paths....AWESOME....they don't do that in Colorado....anyway, anyway, anyway.......we decided we were going to run a 1/2 marathon in Lincoln, NE (our homestate) in May 2010....holy wow!!'s ma plan, suckkas:

Begin the one hour runner (OHR) on 09/21/09 (my three year running anniversary)
Run a TurkeyTrot on Turkey Day 2009
Finish OHR on 11/28/09
December: run 30 min/Monday, run 40 min/Wednesday, run long run/Saturdays
Jan: start pre training for 1/2 via coolrunning
Feb: run a 10k
Feb 15: begin 1/2 training


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