Monday, July 14, 2008

my list of 52 things to do before i turn 34...

1. Hike a ‘14ner
2. Go to a William Topley Concert
3. Visit susan in prison
4. Read a C. S Lewis book
5. Go to a weekend yoga retreat
6. Ski a back bowl
7. Write a letter to Jill 08/13/08: sent an email to apologize for my actions and kill negative chi.
8. Watch a Marilyn Monroe movie
9. Go to a taping of E-Town
10. Go to the Denver Museum of Art
11. Get a couples massage
12. Take a picnic to the mountains with RW and Jut
13. Send a “just because I love you” card to dad
14. Go home for harvest
15. Plan and host a dinner party for 8.
16. Read an entire book in the bible
17. Take a mental health day and not worry about work.
18. Decorate the guest bedroom.
19. Take a walk in the rain
20. Ride a rollercoaster 08/08/08: completed at Arnolds Park in Okoboji.
21. Run a 5k
22. Go for a bikeride
23. Take river to the children’s museum
24. Go camping with the family
25. Clean out closets
26. Update river’s baby book
27. Clean out the garage
28. Pay off the truck
29. Make the perfect margarita
30. Go fishing with justin 08/08/08: completed during vacation in Okoboji
31. Start a blog 08/08/08: started and making regular entries.
32. Pick a school for river to go to
33. GTG with steph and keith
34. GTG with jasmine and dave
35. Meet Malia at the park with the kids
36. Meet the girls in Kearney
37. Make a new friend
38. Send all grandparents a “just because” card
39. Go to a concert at red rocks 08/26/08: Willie Nelson with jut, Jeanne and steve!
40. Join a bookclub
41. Take River to a new park 08/21/08: Pillar of Fire park. He loved the basketball courts!
42. Play Frisbee in the park with the boys
43. Visit Tambra in Greeley
44. Go to Grizzly Rose with Sarah/Tam/Mel/Jess for girls night
45. Send a “just because” card to donna.
46. Send a “just because” card to mom.
47. Send a “just because” card to roxie.
48. Send a “just because” card to mike.
49. Send a “just because” card to the Heinrichs.
50. Go dancing with Leigh.
51. Sleep in until 10 in the morning.
52. Go to WaterWorld 08/24/08: went with RW. Definitely going againx1,000,000,0000.

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