Friday, September 26, 2008

#40-join a bookclub-check!

My first bookclub experience was awesome! Mainly because it was something I had NEVER, EVER done before. I mean paronoid nervous nelly me, meeting a group of women that I connected with on Craigslist for crying out loud? I was 50% expecting to be greeted by a psychopathic serial killer, but no, it was just another Jenny! There were six of us there: Aimee, Tray, Kate, Hilary, Jenny and Jeni (me). And would you believe that we are all red wine drinkers? That's just cool. So, we started by going around the room and introducing ourselves. That was a great idea. That's were I learned that I was the oldest one. Nice. Two teachers, two ex peace corps members, one Americorp member. Lots of personalities and great conversation. The cool thing about the group was that I interacted with women that have a much different perspective than I , so it was educational. Good thing the topic never turned to politics. I have a sneaking suspicion that I would have been in the conservative minority (what's new really?).

My thoughts on this book? I read the Kite Runner as well and thankfully most of the other girls had to so it was inevitable that we would compare. My thoughts? The Kite Runner has a dark cloud weighing over head. ATSS is a breath of fresh air with sunshine over it. Not that it is all laughter and unicorns. Au contraire. This author likes to have you fall in love with his protagonists just to destroy you and break your heart! It was an indicator of how life is for a lot of people, living abroad, probably even some living in our country. The freedom we have in the U. S of A should never be taken for granted. Not to mention the freedoms that we have as women in our country. I don't think I would fare well in Taliban run Afghanistan. You want me to wear a burqa? And only leave my house with a family male escort? And don't make eye contact with anyone? Huh? Yea, it'd be off with my head in a matter of days. But, I can't help respect their culture and although present day Afghanistan does not repress (my words, my opinion) women, it is still out there. Who am I to judge what is working for some?

All in all, a great experience. I look forward to our next meeting.

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