Wednesday, September 24, 2008

from the mouths of babes...

river is a lot of things, lacking intelligence is not one of,
last week, he was mad and threw his $1 cell phone at me (hey, it
hurt!!), just so happened it was trash day, so i made a big production
of saying, "oh bummer, you threw your cell phone at me, now i'm going to
throw it away, in the trash. we do NOT throw things when we are
mad"...and then, i marched to the curb, threw the thing away and it
seemed to have the desired effect on the young man, i walked back in the
house and he was crying(big tears), saying, "i'm sorry mom, i'm
SORRY!!!" was all i could do, not to say, "it's okay baby, i'll go
get the phone for you", but i didn't and we learned a valuable

so, fast forward to this week....i have been trying to teach rw his
birthday..and he has not appeared interested....but, yesterday, i asked
him, "when is your birthday?" which he replied, "march 31",
we jumped up and down and yelled, "yaaay yaaay yaay", both grandma
bear and daddy said, next we need to teach him our address and our phone

so, this morning, i ask river "do you know your phone number?"...and he
replies, "NOOO, i don't have a phone number anymore, REMEMBER??
threw my cell phone in the trash"....what made me laugh so hard was that
he was 100% dead serious....oh, he's so innocent and sweet...

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