Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is my day so far....

Woke up quick. At about noon. Just thought that I had to be in Compton soon.

I digress and break out my inner gangster from time to time. But really, this is my day so far.

RW came a callin' about 7:45. Climbs into my bed for a snuggle. Daddy has been working/staying in Colorado Springs for days a week. Boo. RW announces perhaps he'd like to have pannycakes for breakfast. Mommy gives the option of a breakfast burrito or cereal. We agree on frozen french toast sticks. Not before he requests the french toast that is made in the pan. No way kid, not today. So, being a multi-tasking mommy, I throw his sticks in the microwave and get my coffee brewing. I just love coffee. Best time of the day. He eats his breakfast (8 french toast sticks), I have my coffee. Then I have my breakfast burrito.

Apparently, the lawn is not going to mow itself. And someway, somehow, I've become the official lawn mower of the family. In my opinion, this is total bullshit. But, if you want it done, sometimes, you do it your damn self. So, I pull out my trusty 'lawnboy'. Dammit to hell if the starter is busted. So, I pull out the husbands piece of crap John Deere. Yes, we have two mowers. And always argue about which one is better. Mine is an easy start (was) and is NOT self-propelled. His is impossible to start (you have to wind a piece of string intricately around the motor and pull), but is self propelled. I'm near tears at the point. Because if I can't get his goddamn piece of crap started, I may kill something. An act of God occured, and his mower started. So, I mowed the lawn.

Then I watered the flowers while RW enjoyed the City of Westminster working on our street with their bulldozers and diggers. They have no idea how many hours of entertainment they have provided. Seriously, a digger/bulldozer working on your street is the highlight of any 3 1/2 year old boy.

Time to go inside. RW in the bath (seriously disrupting his routine, usually a night bather, but the boy is dirty and there is NO time after work for this practice). RW out of the bath, dressed. Me in the shower. Me out of the shower. Me dressed. If I coud wear this outfit everyday I would be happy. Brown pants, blue and white striped teeshirt. I feel hot in this outfit. Anyway, we go to Bev's. I plead with him not to be jerky tonight when I pick him up and get ready for bed. He nods as if to say, "i'll think about it, but no guarantees"

Drive to work. Radio sucks. No one calls me. I don't call anyone. Atleast the sun is out and the temperature is not too terrible.

Walk in office. Phone rings. It's the mother of a fella that chose by his actions to be removed from our facility last night. She hurls the usual insults at me such as "you just kicked him out because he doesn't have the money to pay", "you don't want to deal with his disease/medical problem, so you kicked him out", "he needs help for his addiction, and you are just throwing him into prison", "don't you care that he is going to die in prison?".

I maintain my professional demeanor. Doing the whole, "i hear what you are saying and i am sure you are frustrated with this whole situation. please stay pro-active with the prison medical staff and i'm sure they will do their best to stay on top of his condition. i wish the best for you and your son. i hope he chooses to participate in all the programs offered him and perhaps in the future, we will consider taking him back"

Meanwhile, what i'm really thinking is: "this is MOSTLY your fault. you are enabling him by supporting his criminal behaviors. covering for him, saying he is in the shower, when we call to do curfew monitors is unacceptable. covering for him, when you know that he has been drinking, is unacceptable. hello? HELLO? your son's NR placement was expedited b/c of his kidney disease and you think our facility is not working with him? and he got ARRESTED for drinking underage and marijuana possession and we STILL kept him on NR and worked with him??? and now, two months later, he is drinking again, after it was clearly stated that he would be revoked if he had any more violations?? is this my fault? how is this the facilities fault? how is this NOT HIS FAULT???....seriously....some people's parents...some people's children....job security man, job security.

Anyway, that was two hours ago. After my conversation with the mother, i went to my boss. I notified him that the Wrath of Mrs. Mother had hit, that I had dealt with it and thought it was over. He looked relieved. We both knew we were going to have to deal with it today. We just didn't know who. It was 50/50. And I won?

So, I think I'm going to go order some yoga pants from Victoria Secret. This is why I love my job. Relaxed supevisors allow me to handle the stress of my job the best way I know how. Shopping.

And that is me today so far!!

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